The Friday Post: Time to Do the Ham Song!

Hit it, Bachelor Bob Bachelor!

Now that that’s out of the way, I bet you want some ham. Not just ham, but bacon, chicken smothered in cheese, and a nice, vibrant wine, perhaps from Spain.

How was your week, gentle reader? I bet it had a certain amount of E3 involved. I know mine did. We posted a hell of a lot of things about E3 and all the wonders contained within, and around the net, other folks did, too. We’ve collected and collated some of them here, for your viewing pleasure on this Friday, different from other Fridays in some ways, but the same in other, more important ways ways.

Though Jesus, go get some bacon. You look like you could eat a whole pig, uncooked. And we’ve only got links, most of them about video games:
-Let’s see, who posted what. Patricia made every post ever. One a complicated bit of cultural analysis on making your own characters, which had nothing to do with E3, and then one on HUDs, which was, in fact, E3 related. And a third of many about accessibility and technology, to go along with about a million other posts on every video game ever. She makes the rest of us look lazy, and for good reason. I’m awfully lazy, at least.
-Fern unlocked an achievement by reviewing a game we’d already posted a review of. Entirely at odds with our first review, too. His bloggerscore is happy, though. He also posted about soccer, because he is of Brazil, and everyone there must care about Brazil. Except, you know, him.
-Graham responded to the upcoming swell of 2-D platformers with a post about them! A good thing, this revival, and he seems to agree, so long as Nintendo keeps up its magic.

-What did I post? Well, let me tell you! I hated on the new Golden Sun a bit, though I’m quite excited for it. It’s a lover’s quarrel. I also compared Epic Mickey to The Void. It’s been that kind of week.
-Around the tubes, brilliant things have been posted. Well, no, that’s a lie. E3 has sapped us of our premier writing talent, leaving us with…the same jerks I post every week. Experience Points is a blog not populated by jerks, but they posted an interesting, nay, fascinating post on the storytelling in Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. It’s interesting, and like most of Experience Points posts, it’s a good look at how the design elements worked.
-Shigeru Miyamoto understands your girl trouble. I imagined he’d feel bad for you, son, because he has ninety nine problems but…no. I’m done. I’m done. YOU’RE SO UNPROFESSIONAL.
-The Brainy Gamer analyzes the E3 press conferences (Microsoft and Sony, mostly) in a very classical fashion. Socrates would be pleased.
-Rock Paper Shotgun has all the coverage you need on the decision by RealTime Worlds to embargo reviews of new shooter All Points Bulletin until July 6th, or a week after release. I’m going to post on this topic, actually (horror of horrors!) but I feel RPS has done a bang-up job of covering the issue. It’s especially notable since it was one of their reviews of Darkfall Online that enraged so much of the internet.

That’s all for this week. I leave you with yet another unfathomable video, perhaps the height of cinematography (and I’m not kidding, neither):