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Probably all things no one says about Deathspank, the name of the protagonist in….Deathspank.

Deathspank is an action RPG developed by Hothead which will release on XBL and PSN sometime this summer. Think a cross between the gameplay of Diablo, the humor of Monkey Island, and the visuals of Torchlight. Well, half of that description means almost nothing to me, because I’ve never played either Diablo or Monkey Island, but after watching this trailer, my interest was piqued nonetheless:

So, what do you need to know about Deathspank? It’s made by Ron Gilbert–you know, the guy behind Monkey Island?  The story follows your attempt to get a hold of ‘The Artifact.’ It takes place in a huge world which has no loading screens, and hundreds of weapons and armor. The Deathspank Website promises us “Stuff that blows up!” and “Stuff that doesn’t blow up!’, not to mention, and more importantly, “A real story…not a crappy video game story!” After watching that trailer, I’m inclined to agree. Then again, my humor is all sorts of WTF, so this sort of eccentric game fits the bill quite nicely.