Brink Pushed Back, Other Details

The Brink Twitter is the bearer of bad news: Brink’s release date has been pushed back to Spring 2011. Initially, I was upset by this announcement, but then I remembered that I probably have way too many games to buy during the fall-time anyway. Still, if this news has broken your heart, fear not: we also have some cool new details regarding Brink which you may find of interest.

As you know, Brink has loose RPG-elements in the same way as Borderlands does, such as gaining XP through the completion of objectives on the objective wheel. These objectives are one the means through which Splash Damage tells Brink’s story without relying too heavily on cutscenes and dialogue–the other being the extremely detailed environment. I expect this experience to be much like Borderlands in this respect, too: there’s definitely a story there, but you can choose to ignore it if you really want to. Ed Stern goes on record and states that the RPG elements in Brink allow players to have a high level of customization for weapons, skills, abilities, and appearances. They included these because they believe that players will have high attachment to their unique characters. He also tells us about an unlockable ability which ‘informs’ you of when someone is aiming at you, and the general direction of that enemy. Sounds lame at first, but then you realize that such an ability would make the game high-tension and that much more interesting when in competitive play.

Back on the subject of completing objectives, Game Informer reports that some of the things that you can use earned experience points is to change classes on the fly, or for turrets to place on the field. Assumably, there will be other interesting options for you to spend your XP in. Lastly, the objective-based system gives players incentives to work as a team–a system which we know, if implemented correctly, has worked wonders for games like Battlefield Bad Company 2.

Stay tuned as we bring you more Brink details!