ThatGameCompany Announce Journey, Holds On to That Feeling

It’s unconfirmed whether there will be streetlights or people, or wailing, but this is what it is. ThatGameCompany, developers of the absolutely incomparable Flower, have announced Journey. This was done, apparently, through a forum post, though it’s also present at E3.

Of course, because Journey wasn’t featured by Sony in their press conference, no one heard a word about it. And it’s up to us lovely blog folk to get the word out.

If you look at the pictures in said forum post, it looks like something straight out of the Team Ico playbook, combined with the girls of The Path. Red caped girl wandering through a desert? Yep. Sounds right. Sounds pretty fun, too, depending on what they manage to do with it. Exploration of the open world genre is the current speculation, because…it looks pretty open, but we know nothing at this point. More as it is revealed, of course.

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