It's Official: 3D Is Here to Stay

Nintendo just unveiled their successor to the DS, the 3DS. That alone is just a testament to the 3D craze that is currently taking the gaming industry by storm. After all, we know that the PS3 will adopt the medium soon. But after today’s announcement, its become obvious that it’s not just a fad–they announced that they have partnerships with various companies like Dreamworks and Disney to show 3D movies on their hardware.

3D Movies are not stopping anytime soon, as they provide additional revenue and added novelty value to any given movie. With this sort of integration happening across entertainment mediums, the novelty doesn’t just stop at the movie theatre–it can continue in your living room, on the bus. You don’t have to put down the money for a TV with a built-in functionality to replicate the effect that you see in theatres, because the 3DS takes care of that without any added peripherals.

If you were hoping that the 3D craze would die a slow, painful death in the entertainment industry…it’s not going to happen anytime soon. 3D’s lifespan is now at stake across various mediums now, and it looks like they’re working together to keep each other afloat and in-demand. Sure, we can cry gimmick–and that’s really what it is, when it comes down to it. But now that it is pushing to become a staple of the entertainment industry, it might also push for better uses of the 3D medium.


  1. Fernando Cordeiro

    God, that thing is ugly.

    • …it looks almost exactly like the DS, with some minor differences (numb, screen size…sliders, camera)

      • Fernando Cordeiro

        It’s the different colors, how the lower screen looks to low, that squared shape around the lower screen.

        Also, is it that really impossible to add a second analog stick? Didn’t they learn anything from the PSP?

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