Gears of War 3 Beast Mode, 4 Player Co-Op, New Killer Takedowns

At today’s Microsoft Conference, CliffyB took the stage and showed us the first gameplay footage of Gears of War 3. Not only is 4 player co-op possible, but there’s actually two playable females! Hopefully, like Borderlands, the difficulty scales to match 4 human players. Cliffy also mentioned that Gears has a new mode called “Beast Mode”. What is it, you say? Hell, we have no idea. But if I were to speculate, it’s a mode for Xbox Live assholes who like to go BEAST after every lame and cheap chainsaw kill that they get. The game will come with a pair of sunglasses, which when in use, will prompt Kinect to scream at you to take your sunglasses off because you’re indoors, you stupid douche. Also visible during the preview were some new killer moves: you can now charge at enemies with your lancer to impale them with its pointy bit, for example. Stay tuned as we find out more information on Gears 3!

Update: You can watch the clip of CliffyB getting on stage and showing the gameplay footage we saw here.