Onslaught Priced, Dated, And Other Stupidity

The Battlefield Blog tells us not only that Onslaught will cost 10 bucks, but that it will be released on June 22nd. The mode allows up to 4 players to squad up and to take on missions which can net you more trophies/achievements as well as ranking on the leaderboards. For ten bucks, I’m thinking this mode better be pretty damn substantial. Thankfully I will most likely make the purchase anyway, and let you guys know whether or not is worth your own hard-earned cash.

But you see, the stupidity isn’t the price (though certainly, it comes close). The stupidity is their newly announced ‘Kit Shortcuts’ The shortcuts are “for those players who don’t have time to spend levelling up to unlock all the kit specific items but still want to be competitive with those who have unlocked everything,” their nice way of saying “lazy, lazy assholes.” What does the kit do? Well, it allows you to unlock everything for the purchased class, all for the awesome, awesome price of 6.99 individually or 20 bucks for a combo pack of all the classes.

Admittedly, its genius from a business perspective: we’ll get them to buy our game new, because of our VIP program, then we’ll offer then a way to give us even more money on top of that by releasing more modes and even shortcuts so that they don’t even have to play the game to get the unlocks! From a longevity aspect, I’m not all that sure: plenty of players play BC2 addictively until they unlock everything, then they stop playing because they don’t see the point anymore. How long will the game last in your console if you already have everything handed to you? Unless you’re crazy like me, not very long, I suspect.

As long as they don’t start selling us kit upgrades–that is, weapons you can only get if you purchase them–I won’t make too much of a ruckus.