Someone Realized Mortal Kombat Needed Blood to be Effective

Even more importantly, that man was put in charge of the new Mortal Kombat game. I know, I’m as surprised as you are. Someone realized in a game called Mortal Kombat, a game that was popular solely for its brutal, bloody, never before seen fatalities (not its absolutely terrible mechanics), you shouldn’t take out the one selling point.

Mortal Kombat without bloody fatalities was like selling a Twix without the caramel. Good to see that…well, who is making this game? Warner Bros.? Okay. Sure. Fine.

I don’t know how I feel about returning to 2-D, though. Seems like an obvious cash-in on the recent success of 2-D fighters. And, I have to admit, the best part of the the newer Mortal Kombat games was the level design. Hitting people in front of subway trains was pretty fantastic.

But, even then, cautious optimism abounds for Mortal Kombat, for the first time in a decade.



  1. Fernando Cordeiro

    Fatalities are the caramel, but the two rasteiras followed by uppercut combo is the biscuit

    • Tom

      Caramel covered in chocolate: delicious treat. Cookie covered in chocolate: I’ll have something else, thanks. xD