BFBC2'S VIP Map Pack 3 Set to Release June 9th

The Battlefield Blog tells us that this Wednesday, both the PS3 and 360 will be receiving new game modes for the Laguna Alta and Nelson Bay maps. Nelson Bay will receive the squad death-match mode, complete with a M3A3 Bradley. The prospect of having control of the tank on Nelson Bay is terrifying, isn’t it? Laguna Alta, will receive the squad rush mode. Both of these will be available to people with registered VIP codes, and those that do not have one can purchase a code from their respective marketplace. Here’s a trailer to get you hyped up for the release.

Now, there’s been plenty of backlash against the map packs. Can these truly be called new map packs if they’re already maps we’ve played on? I don’t think it matters, honestly. As someone who plays this game religiously, any new options available to me to spice things up in any given game mode is welcome with open arms.

My favorite map on SDM has to be White Pass, because I find that once the buildings are down–something which can occur right away if you’re running around with a 40mm grenade–it becomes harder to camp, as well as discourages our favorite bush wookies from being…themselves. To me, it looks as if Nelson Bay will be able to deliver a similar enjoyable experience in that regard. Frankly SDM doesn’t have as good of a map selection as the other game modes do, so Nelson Bay alone is worth releasing. I’m also guessing that in order for the tank thing to work, they’re going to have to open up that last part of the map a bit more. That being said, we will probably be able to play on locations which we weren’t able to before on that map. If not, holy heck, SDM on this map will be a race to who can get the tank first and fuck everyone else up.

As for Laguna Alta…well, I don’t play squad rush all that much. It’s not as exciting to me, but it might be to you.

Lastly, hey, the map pack is free. Can’t complain about that, can you?