Live Action Alan Wake Teaser

Remedy Studios has released an extremely cryptic live-action teaser for what I can only assume to be the upcoming DLC for Alan Wake. Now you may remember that I wasn’t that fond of the game, but I am nonetheless impressed by the quality of the promotional material created for it. The prequel, Bright Falls, was similarly fantastic in creating hype for the game. While we many not be able to piece…anything together from the teaser, it’s still visually stunning and perhaps exciting for those of us that have beaten the game.

Hit the jump for speculations galore!

We notice that Alan seems to be holding on to the clicker while face down on the grass. Is this the Alan “the others will see” according to Thomas Zane? Is this even the Alan we’ve been controlling throughout the entire game; is this one aware of what has occurred?

We also note that Alan is not only fending off the Taken while holding a flare, but he’s holding…someone. It looks like a woman judging from the hair–is this his wife, Alice? Alan didn’t seem to be anywhere near here when she escapes the darkness. Hell Alan doesn’t even seem to be in the same universe judging from the last few seconds of the game.

So does this mean we can expect more of the tried, true and at this point a bit boring gameplay to rear its face in the DLC? I’m personally hoping for a mild change of pace, because towards the end of the game the gameplay becomes dull and uninteresting.

Apparently we can definitely expect more manuscript notes, which opens up an entirely new can of worms. Weren’t we done with those things? Why are there more pages? Who is writing them, Thomas Zane or the Alan trapped in the dark cabin?

More questions than answers, as per usual with Alan Wake…we’ll keep you posted on any new details which may emerge!