Friday Post: It's a Day! It's Friday!

You may have guessed by now, but my convention for picking a header for these posts is to search for the first thing that comes into my head, finding the first reasonable size picture, and running with it. In this case, Viennese cuisine. Don’t ask me why.

In other news, it’s Friday! A collection of posts awaits you, from here and from other places like here but a little less abstract or cool or “with it”. Capiche?

But, at this VERY SECOND, you should go enter our E3 Related Contest Thing. It is, in fact, a thing that is happening, and you only have some amount of time to enter! How much? We won’t tell you. We like being mysterious, and the best way to be mysterious is to be late.

-We posted a lot of reviews! Patricia posted about Alan Wake, and I posted about 3-D Dot Game Heroes. We liked one of these games a lot more than the other.
-Fern posted a diary of his experiences <a href=""playing Deadly Premonition. A game that received both a 2 from IGN, and a 10 from Destructoid. They’re a good read, and I’ve heard from a little birdy that there might be a full review in your future, too.

-This week’s big news was the Give Whatever You Want Indie Bundle being taken down due to some shady dealings. Lots of good reading about it, all over the place on the internet. Basically, when there is a good idea used for charity (the Humble Indie Bundle qualifies), there will be suspicious scammers using that idea to make a quick buck in the seediest way possible.
-A website I completely missed, post-hype, have posted a fantastic discussion of one of my favorite games of this year, VVVVVV. It’s very in depth, and a fantastic read, especially if you’ve beaten the titular stage.
-Apparently gamers can control dreams. I love science meets gaming, especially when the point isn’t look at this, gaming for two hours is the same as doing a line of cocaine.
-Admittedly, a lot of my links this week are coming from Rock Paper Shotgun, but that’s because they posted fantastic stuff this week. Well, technically last week now. This blog post by the audio designer of LittleBigPlanet is a fantastic read on the use of voice in video games. It’s a fantastic read, focusing mainly on why the amount of (very low quality, when you watch the video) voicework in The Old Republic might be a bad thing.
-Completely unrelated to video games, there’s a new Arcade Fire album coming out this summer hide the hipsters! Actually, no, the Arcade Fire are pretty badical. And you can listen to two new songs from the record here.

And remember kids, don’t trust the Po-Po.

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  1. Fernando Cordeiro

    What kinds of lame Viennese cuisine is that?? Where are the Wiener Schnitzel? The Kartoffelröstl? The purple cabbage?

    THIS is what GOOD Viennese cuisine should look like!