Shorts are Comfy and Easy to Wear

You probably expect some sort of intelligent, reasoned post here. Nope. It’s too hot for that. That’s what happens in the summer: my brain shuts down, and I can’t do anything.

Not quite, but it’s too fucking hot today.

Too hot to do anything but read this fantastic Let’s Play of Persona 3. I used to be morally opposed to Let’s Plays, on the grounds that I wanted to play games, not read about other people playing them. Now, I’m not so sure. I think this all bases itself on the fact that modern games suck.

And they do, a little bit. I was breaking it down yesterday: in the past year and a half, I’ve enjoyed 4, maybe, maybe 5 games enough to justify purchasing them at full price (Flower, Devil Survivor, Demon’s Souls, and Mass Effect 2. Dragon Age: Origins is in the maybe pile, in that I want to play it again but I didn’t particularly love it). And I’ve played probably 15 new games in that time. Like, Assassin’s Creed 2? Sucked. Scribblenauts? Sucked. Final Fantasy XIII? Sucked impressively hard. Monster Hunter Tri? Worst game since Banjo Tooie. Darksiders? Uncompelling. New Ratchet and Clank? Bad. Even when I look at Red Dead Redemption, I’m not enthused. 3-D Dot Game Heroes doesn’t count yet, because I haven’t beaten it, but it’ll probably move into the former category.

But that’s still a very poor success rate. And I sometimes get the feeling that, you know, new games are okay sometimes, but my queue of games I want to play is somewhere between a half dozen and a dozen, so why do I buy new games? And I don’t have an answer to that.

Like, I still love video games, don’t get me wrong. But I’m seeing people get excited about a new generation of titles, and I just don’t see it anymore. Other people look at games like Xenoblade and Sonic 4 and Natal and get excited. Me? I can’t see myself buying them. Not because they’re bad, but because there are literally dozens of great games I haven’t touched before, or classics that I desperately want to replay.

So I’m torn, NM. I’m torn. And it’s too hot. My only recommendation is to read that Let’s Play of Persona 3, because it’s pretty fantastic.