Gears of War Title Update 6 Drops Today

Adding to the long-list of game fixes and improvements which have dropped rather late in its lifespan, today marks the day in which Gears 2 receives its biggest title update yet. Introduced today are ‘social matches’ which allow players to drop in and out of matches that are in progress without penalty. However, players who leave matches early will not receive XP for that match–a rather unfortunate caveat in the face of games like Bad Company 2, which records your progress after every death. Social Matches are not ranked, and ‘Public Matches’ have been renamed ‘Ranked Matches’ to reflect the distinction. It also sounds like the game will make a better effort in creating well-balanced teams by taking into consideration the skill level, XP and party sizes involved.

There are changes for other game modes as well. You can now join Horde sessions which are in progress, regardless of whether or not they’re ranked. Modes like annex and submission now have time-limits. This means players cannot simply rack up kills and experience indefinitely by stopping other players from completing the mode’s objectives.

For a full list and descriptions, make sure to read Epic’s official post over at the Gears forum.


  1. I’m half tempted to play GOW2 again. I bought it ages ago before I started playing online and enjoyed the single player campaign.

    Wish I had enough time to invest in it and Bad Company 2!

    • Haha, totally know what you mean. I’ve dumped a ridiculous number of hours into BC2 and I have no idea how I find time to play anything else! :p