Sunday Gaming Club #5

“Money, that’s what I want.
Money, that’s what is hot.
Money, that’s what I want.
Money, it’s what we ain’t got,
‘cept freedom, freedom, freedom is what we’ve really sought!

That’s the way to start things off today. Two games and one miscellaneous feature featured this week, friends. All free, all the time. Games you can play.

#1: Orton and the Princess, Flash

I have the softest of spots for independent platformers, especially those with crushing difficulty, and this one is no exception. Though it’s not especially crushing, but whatever. That’s neither here nor there. What it does have is an excellent system designed to make fun of your failure, a neat little plot, and some satisfying jumping.

Really, everything I want to say has already been said by Rock, Paper, Shotgun and Indie Games, but you should give it a go if you like solid little platformers. It’s got a similar feel to Meat Boy, in my opinion, so that’s something to gauge interest on.

#INTERLUDE: Pixel: An Art Documentary

Apparently today is “content taken from Indie Games, but I don’t see that as an especially bad thing. Considering they pointed out this pretty fantastic 10 minute documentary on the usage and effect of pixel art in video games. The general point is…I’m not going to talk about the general point because if I do you won’t have to watch it. And I don’t want to destroy your curiosity before you watch it.

It’s pretty great, and it’s got an interview with Jason Rohrer as a centerpiece, which is encouragement enough, in my book.

#2: Lyle in Cube Sector, Windows

In some sort of weird, twisted honor of Nifflas’ FiNCK being released tomorrow (for free, no less!), we’ll post a link to everyone’s favorite Doki Doki Panic like game, Lyle in Cube Sector. One of those classic indie games no one talks about, like how apparently no one watches The Big Lebowski because no one recommends it, Lyle in Cube Sector is a humor-filled mash up of Doki Doki Panic and the original Metroid. If that doesn’t sound exciting to you, well, something’s wrong with you.

And it’s free. And free is the best price you can have.