The Friday Post: Post Friday

Fun fact: Google finds this image more related to “post rock” than anything, you know, related to post rock.

Speaking of post something, we posted things this week! And so did other people! And now I’m going to post a brief list of them, so that you’ll know what’s what.

-Patricia (and I, in an uncredited cameo appearance) posted a list of ten games you might want to keep on the lookout for in the coming year. It’s not all topical any more, though, because Alan Wake is already out.
-Graham began posting about Dragon Age, and how to not suck at it. I’ll probably still suck at it, because I am the worst at micromanaging. It makes me wonder quite how I managed to beat Baldur’s Gate as a child.
-I started another running feature, Grand Theft Retrospective, focusing on the GTA series. This post on 3, specifically. I think it’s a pretty good read, and Vice City will show up soon in post form.
-The big out on the internet news at the moment is Irrational Games posting the proposal for Bioshock. It’s fascinating to look at how different it is from the game proper, and how many things changed (and which stayed the same).
-Rock, Paper, Shotgun, my favorite site (I bet I say that a lot), posted the first part of a great retrospective on Mass Effect 2. Since we talk about Mass Effect 2 a lot, I figure it’s a cool thing to look at, especially since it’s very much in line with my feelings on the game.
-Kotaku has up a post about the absurdity of video game speech. That may even be the title. It’s a good read, especially if you were really baffled by Dadaluma’s pre-fight speech as a kid (I was).
-Destructoid posted some things about pre-E3, and while I wish it went a little more in depth, it’s really a cool topic that isn’t talked about a lot. I mean, I always figured industry types went to E3 earlier than they let on, but it’s neat to get a glimpse of what’s going down in their minds.

That’s all for this week. You stay classy, internet.