Dragon Age Nightmare Mode Strat Guide: Overview

This post is a part of an ongoing feature here at Nightmare Mode to provide you with an expert’s strategy guide on playing Dragon Age. Check back tomorrow to read up on the writeup for the Warrior class.

For now, just some general tips that are applicable to all classes. You can refer back to this if you like, to see how these items affect all the classes.

First thing is first, it is worth pumping your cunning at the beginning of the game to around 20-22, as well as getting your Coercion Skill up. Opening up conversation options and different choice trees makes for a way more entertaining experience.

The Coercion Skill may come into some conflict with advancing your talent trees. On Warrior class, for example, to proceed down the trees you will need additional Combat Skills.

I will state in every class strategy, that in this game, common sense is applicable when deciding where to put your points and which statistics will be super important to which classes. Throughout the strat guides, you will see Think about it: which will explain why common sense applies. It’s pretty neat…and it’s true for however you choose to play the game.

Constitution is always a tricky stat for me to balance, no matter which class I’m playing. Primarily because I know that, at some point, I will get the Lifegiver Ring, which gives a +10 bonus to constitution.

A little more on the Lifegiver. It is hands down the best accessory in the game and an absolute must-have. In addition to +10 constitution, it also gives +6 health regen in combat, +3 armour and +20% to received healing. Combine this on your character with the Key to the City found in Orzammar after a small sidequest, and you’re laughing all the way to nightmare mode.

Lastly, party members. Choosing party members based on what you like might work if you’re playing on the easiest difficulty setting. If you’re like me and you live and breathe Dragon Age and you can play on something more difficult, you need to choose party members based on their attributes. Who you like plays into the strategy a little bit, as of course you don’t want to end up with someone who hates every decision you make. Thus I’ll give a recommended party for every class.