Arcade Corner: Ilomilo

Ilomilo is a cute puzzle game with warm, funny music. Complete with the Kazoo, no less! It allows for either single player or a co-op option as well.

You can view the press release announcing this game for XBL here. You can also follow the Ilomilo development blog at that same site.

Arcade games have been steadily increasing in awesomeness since XBL Arcade started. Now, games like Shadow Complex and Castle Crashers make the tiny transaction well, well worth your money and well worth your game time. That is, if I could hypothetically even for a moment get you to play any game other than Red Dead Redemption for just five minutes right now, it would be one of these.

I’ll keep all you folks updated as details come down the pipe. Look for me to review this game as well when it comes out. I don’t know about you, but I certainly plan on getting it!