The Friday Post: Smugleafgate

You can say Smugleaf isn’t the greatest Pokemon of all time, but you’d be wrong. Look at him. He’s so smug. His eye even looks like a monocle. Basically, he is the king of Pokemon.

Things were posted this week, here and around the internet. Here is a summary of these things:
-I’m going to point out this post on Star Fox because, really, Star Fox is a series that, despite its major problems through the years, deserves a good bit of love. And not just for the “good” ones.

-Two posts were made (in the recent past) about the Guild Wars 2 manifesto, in some degree. One on community driven gameplay by Patricia, and one on risk and reward. The first one is probably more complete and relevant to the topic, though neither really talks about Guild Wars 2. Sorry, Arenasoft!
-Sleep is Death is now pay what you want! Well, as long as you want more than 1.75$. I’ve never actually played it, though I bought it. I’m pretty lame like that.
-Outside our sphere, Experience Points (who I love, btw) posted a fantastic piece about politics in video games, as kind of a sequel to their three part series on Mass Effect 2.
-DIYGamer has a interview with Zack Johnson, guy behind newly seven year old (oxymoron if there ever was one) Kingdom of Loathing. I haven’t played it that much, but it’s amazing to think that KoL is seven years old. Seven! It’s also an interesting read, if only because the indie “MMO” is such a weird thing.

That’s all I’ve got for you this week. We’ll be back next week. I’m off to play 3-D Dot Game Heroes for an eventual review, which may or may not be done by next week. Have yourself a weekend.