Dragon Age Strategy Featurette

Consider me the resident Dragon Age fanatic.

This game has quickly become my favourite game of all time, surpassing longtime favourites Super Mario RPG, Zelda LttP, Metroid Prime, and even sucking more hours out of my life than all those Civilization games in just a few short months.

I’ve played the game three times over, and working on my fourth. In short, I have learned how to level up characters and become a sort of expert strategist, with no battle in the entire game giving me troubles at all, even on, yes, nightmare mode.

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Many people find this game overly difficult, which lead to developer Bioware reducing the overall difficulty of the game for the expansion adventure, Awakenings. I have beaten the game multiple times on the nightmare mode difficulty setting, save for my playthrough as an Archer, the most difficult and underdeveloped class to use. For that character profile I played on hard. As such, with these strategy entries, I will take that into consideration.

Over the next month or so, I will detail the pros and cons of each class, how to level them all up and how to most effectively use them. I hope to make them very detailed, or maybe even upload a podcast, we’ll see. Over time, I hope to build an extensive Dragon Age strat guide you can refer to for levelling up your characters and getting through those tough battles.

After that, the plan will be to do the same thing for the Awakenings expansion, and if Dragon Age 2 releases on time in 2011, the strat guide will smoothly sail through and pick up where it left off.

Check back for my first class strat, on the Warrior.

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  1. curly

    this sounds exciting

    i have a very VERY hard time getting into fantasy settings

    but the nitty gritty may be just the thing to pique my interest

    baited breath good sir