Weekend Note: Lets Talk!

So its been one full week since Nightmare Mode started production. And in this week we have accrued a good number of readers for a blog so young. Naturally, we here at Nightmare Mode want to know who you are! We want to get to know you, to build a community. So if you are one of the readers we apparently have, make sure to drop a comment on this post! About anything, really. Just to say hi, even.

Aside from that, the purpose of the weekend note is to let you guys what we’re up to–specifically in the realm of what we’re playing, though not limited to that.

Me, I’ve been entering a myriad of contests to try to win a Halo: Reach beta code. Trying and failing miserably, though. The closest I’ve gotten is being seconds too late to input a code on the Xbox Live Marketplace. The funny thing is, I’ve got no interest in Halo. Why try so hard to get into the beta? So that I can write about it for Nightmare Mode! Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be able to get into the beta unless I purchase ODST. That’s not going to happen, because I just got done buying both SSF4 as well as a my first fightstick. Once the fightstick arrives, I will become consumed with SSF4. And after that, I’ll write a review about it. So that’s something that’s in the pipeline. Otherwise, for me it’ll be the usual Battlefield Bad Company 2 obsession. Nothing new.

And what are our lovely writers up to? Well, let’s take a look.

I’ll be calling in mortar strikes from the nearest grassy knoll in Bad Company 2 this weekend, continuing in my quest to one day reach half of Patricia’s play time and level.

Playing Mass Effect 1 as a Vanguard. Really enjoying the story and vast space exploration through different planets and star systems. It’s really fun to go to a planet only to find there is nothing there, and yes I’m aware of how that sounds. I want one of these moon buggy six-wheelers that are impossible to flip over. Mountain? No problem! VROOM!

Apparently, I live in a world where the future never happened, and I’m playing a combination of Grand Theft Auto 3, Geneforge, and Lufia 2. Oh, and Monster Hunter Tri. Which might as well be from 8 years ago.

this weekend like always i’ll be playing rock band, maybe branching out to try ODST, which came in my Xbox bundle I just got

Fern keeps it brief:
Mostly Bayonetta. The PoP Epilogue and now I’m playing The Darkness. Update: this weekend I started playing Ace Attorney Investigations. This is how Agatha Christie games should be made.

Anyway, make sure to drop us a comment!


  1. Tom

    For the record, we were playing Lufia 2 until our SNES emulator (we possess the cartridge, but the cartridge is not here. It is with the other SNES games in the parent’s basement) decided it was done with us and crashed multiple times.

    Seriously, it sucked.

  2. curly

    ME1 gamers are divided into two camps: those who love the mako, and those who hate it.

    i love it too 😛

    • curly

      also, ME1 vanguard is not nearly as awesome as ME2 vanguard

    • Tom

      The Mako is the best vehicle ever just because it’s so absurd.

      Mountain in your way? Jump it! Alternatively, move at a slight angle to climb sheer rock surfaces!

  3. i think people who loved the mako are more likely to be PC gamers. :p