The Price War

Think games are too expensive? Of course you do.

Well, if you’ve been following the recent threads on Cheap Ass Gamer, you’d be aware that pretty much every game to have come out in the past year is now being sold about 10$ under market price by both Amazon and Gamestop (online only), in a price war of epic proportions.

And yes, it is good.

Most big name newer releases are going for roughly 45$. Games released in the past four months, or so, that is, including Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Splinter Cell: Conviction, Heavy Rain, and Mass Effect 2. Older games, like the incomparable Demon’s Souls and Bioshock 2 (apparently now old), are going for 32$. And they all come with a 10$ credit for future purchases, so it’s like getting them for 35 and 22, respectively.

Both retailers have their pluses: Amazon’s bonus credit stacks (while Gamestop’s doesn’t), but Gamestop has two additional coupon codes (15NEW and 25OFF) which let you save 15% on one game, or 25% on an order of 100$ or more.

Basically, Jesus Christ. If you want to buy yourself some new games, this might be the time.