Apple Gets Thaaaat Much Better…

See Matt’s Blog post regarding his new job.

Have you been a fan of IGN’s Matt Casamassina? I have. For a long long time, I must admit. When Matt took over as the cheif Nintendo editor it was the best fit, a Nintendo fan covering all things Nintendo. His passion as a Nintendo fan lead to him being just about the only gaming journalist on the planet who defended Nintendo and their games at a time where everybody was mocking the Gamecube and treating Nintendo like a kid’s toy company.

Fast-forward to the news about Nintendo’s Revolution, and Matt was hands-down the best gaming journalist to follow. He had all the Revolution Rumours down, dispelling some, giving credit to others and a long period of speculation. Then Matt got a preview, and could hardly contain his excitement for Nintendo’s new project, giving creedence to the codename “Revolution.”

Nintendo’s vision mirrored that of Apple’s, to become innovative, toss ideas up in the air and see if they work. To push the imagination, to abandon the current formula of just making a new console that was faster and more powerful. The games the currently they design also reflect this philosophy.

As for Matt jumping to Apple? Well, Apple just got that much better.

Matt has always been an early adopter as well. I remember reading his blog when he got a brand new flat screen TV, proudly posting pictures of his wall mount and carefully concealed wires, going off on a tangent about wireless HD capabilities. And now Apple, with their sexy Macbook Airs and fancy iPhones, have recruited possibly the best, most tech-savvy gadget geek with experience one could ask for.

Congrats to Matt on this promotion of a lifetime, and look for the Games App store to get a touch of Matt.